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When I got my first digital camera some years ago I became a nightmare for everybody, shooting on everything at any time. Of course I had to calm down and observe better - and to look for an own way as photographer. I found it in the intuition capturing the inner light and soul of the person or scene in front of me.

Landscapes stood at the beginning of my work. With the time portrait and artistic photography attracted me more and more. But it will always remain a joy to experience the beauty of nature and to feel connected to it's spirit. Today I am doing all kind of events, including weddings, sport- and artistic performances - if my busy schedule allows.

I'd like to spend more time with my camera, but when I can take it into my hands, then I feel inspiration and joy. In the beginning I thought, a photo not taken is not a good photo. But today I would say, a good photo is better than a photo not taken.