Deine Fotos sind wirklich erholsam und inspirierend zum Anschauen.
Gratuliere Dir und wünschen Dir ein spannendes 2014 mit vielen positiven Ueberraschungen.

Liebe Grüsse aus Jenins
14.Dijn Duijs(non-registered)
Happy New Year, Eckhard, my old friend. Still enjoying the way you see life and how you capture it in an instant. May you be filled with Light, joy, freedom of spirit!
13.Cristina D.(non-registered)
Poetry with sounds and images, such a good combination!
12.Alejandro M.(non-registered)
they haven't invented the right words for your quality of work.... the following attempt to describe it (but certainly fall short): outstanding, stunning, top quality, poetic and truthful-to-its-subject.

Fantastic work! Thank you for sharing!
Hi Ecki, coole Fotos! Wir teilen die gleiche Leidenschaft: www.salvatoreporfido.ch. Hab's vom Beat erfahren...
Wünsche dir gutes Licht und viel Zeit für die Leideschaft Fotografie!
Grüsse suli
I just showed your photography to Ton. He was most delighted and said your pictures are truely beautiful. Just wanted to tell you this :-)
Still gorgious pictures!
8.Anne-Christine de Joffrey(non-registered)
J'adore! Tu es un poëte, Eckart! Continue, tu es doué! Tu devrais les exposer...
7.Stolz Lil Sis(non-registered)
Einfach nur genial !! wirklich wunderschön ..... Luv ya ;-)
6.D Ram(non-registered)
Wonderful work! I am looking forward to seeing more, you must do a world tour....!
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